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  • Lotus M100 Elan Hood

    Price: £1595.00

    Ref: LTH003

    We can replace the worn or damaged hood on your M100 Elan with one of original equipment standard in black.

    At the same time it will be necessary to replace all the main hood seals as these tend to wear very badly and/or cannot be re-used when fitting a new hood.

    Due to compromises in the hood and seals as originally specified and designed by Lotus, we cannot guarantee a totally weathertight fitting.  However, to date all our customers have been pleased with the results.

    The price shown is an estimated one for us to supply and fit a new hood and all seals except for the rear deck seal.  The hoods and seals are in short supply and material prices can change which is why our price is an estimated one.  We would confirm latest prices at time of booking.

    Prices include VAT.

    • Lotus M100 Elan Hood